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Direct interaction in nuclear reactions: Dominicis, C. Centre d' Etudes Nucleaires.

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General treatment of the foundations of direct interaction in nuclear reactions; representation of the instantaneous elastic scattering amplitude by the scattering amplitude due to a complex potential; expansion of the instantaneous inelastic scattering amplitude and discussion of the 1. Bohr approximation distorted waves contribution to individual and collective states of excitation. Molten salts in nuclear reactors; Les sels fondus dans les reacteurs nucleaires. Collection of references dealing with the physicochemical studies of fused salts, in particular the alkali and alkali earth halides.


Numerous binary, ternary and quaternary systems of these halides with those of uranium and thorium are examined, and the physical properties, density, viscosity, vapour pressure etc References relating to the corrosion of materials by these salts are included and the treatment of the salts with a view to recuperation after irradiation in a nuclear reactor is discussed.

On etudie de nombreux systemes binaires, ternaires et quaternaires de ces halogenures avec des halogenures d'uranium, et de thorium. On etudie egalement les proprietes physiques des halogenures ou des melanges d'halogenures densite, viscosite, tension de vapeur, etc On donne egalement des references quant a la corrosion des materiaux par ces sels, et le traitement de ceux-ci en vue de recuperation, apres irradiation dans un reacteur nucleaire.

Contribution to the study of nuclear resonance in magnetic media ; Contribution a l'etude de la resonance nucleaire dans les milieux magnetique An attempt is made to interpret the results of nuclear magnetic resonance experiments made by various workers on ferro and ferrimagnetic compounds of the iron group. The problems encountered are the following: The results of our calculations are generally in good agreement with experiment.

Les problemes abordes sont les suivants: Les resultats des calculs sont generalement en bon accord avec l'experience. Hartmann-Boutron, F. The dangers of irradiate uranium in nuclear reactors; Les dangers de l'uranium irradie dans les reacteurs nucleaires. The danger of the uranium cans sur-activated by the use in the nuclear reactors is triple: The third has an accidental character and claimed for the use of special and exceptional rules, overflowing the industrial setting, to reach the surrounding populations.

Les deux premiers dangers sont habituels et peuvent etre traites grace aux regles de securite en usage dans l'industrie atomique. Le troisieme revet un caractere accidentel et reclame l'emploi de regles speciales et exceptionnelles, debordant le cadre industriel, pour atteindre celui des populations environnantes. Place of the nuclear medicine in the clinical development of the gene therapy; Place de la medecine nucleaire dans le developpement clinique de la therapie genique. Crochet, T. Although gene therapy has been proposed first for genetic diseases, its concept has been extended to many acquired diseases, owing to a better understanding of pathology at a molecular level.

Overall, very few trials have shown to be efficient, and safety concerns have emerged, as a result of several patients deaths. There is a need for new techniques able to improve both the knowledge of the therapeutic gene fate once administered and the early detection of events likely to lead to serious adverse events. In vivo imaging of a reporter gene associated with the therapeutic one is certainly the most promising technique for these goals. Among available imaging modalities, nuclear imaging is the most likely to be applied to patients.

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This review begins with a summary of current knowledge about the steps that a therapeutic gene has to cross from vector delivery to appropriate expression in target cells. We show how gene imaging could allow to investigate many pitfalls of trials by providing a better understanding of these steps in patients. The reporter genes available for nuclear imaging are presented in the second section, through animal studies.

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Then, relevant examples of clinical trials are presented. These include cancer suicide gene therapy and adoptive immunotherapy , ischemic heart diseases and cystic fibrosis. The results are commented with emphasis on the role of nuclear imaging to address the questions raised by these studies, and imaging studies carried out on animals or patients for the corresponding diseases or organs are presented. The results obtained in animal studies warrant the introduction of gene imaging in clinical trials.

French achievements in the field of nuclear electronics; Realisations francaises dans le domaine de l'electronique nucleaire. Nuclear electronic equipment used by the french Atomic Energy Commission has been developed, with an increasing participation of the radioelectric industry manufacture under AEC license, contracts for prototypes. The equipment for general use has been standardized and satis the technical specification sheets in which are specified more particularly, the conditions for construction, the choice of the spare parts and the conditions for acceptance by the french AEC at factory.

The electronic equipment is classified in nine classes, and a brief description of the principal instruments is given in each class. The reliability of the equipment in use is satisfactory, as it is shown by the mean frequency of faults per hours operation. Le materiel d'emploi courant a ete standardise et repond aux specifications de cahiers des charges ou sont precises en particulier les conditions de realisation du materiel, le choix des pieces detachees et les conditions de recette en usine. L'appareillage electronique est classe en neuf rubriques et une description sommaire des principaux appareils est donnee dans chacune des rubriques.

La tenue en service du materiel est satisfaisante, ainsi que le montre la frequence moyenne des pannes observees par heures de fonctionnement. Corrosion by cooling gases in nuclear reactors; la corrosion par les gaz caloporteurs dans les reacteurs nucleaires.

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Darras, R. This article begins with a review of the various materials which can be used and the cooling gases in which they may be heated, emphasis being placed on the importance of reaching temperatures as high as possible. This is followed by a few general remarks on the dry oxidation of metals and alloys, particularly with regard to diffusion phenomena and their various possible mechanisms, and also the methods of investigation employed.

Finally, the behaviour of the chief nuclear materials heated in the various gases is studied successively.

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Materials used for fuel metallic uranium, uranium oxide, carbides and silicides , canning materials magnesium, aluminium, zirconium, beryllium, stainless and refractory steels , structural materials ordinary or slightly alloyed steels , and finally moderators graphite, beryllium oxide are deal with in this way. This account is backed up both by the results obtained at the CEA and by work published outside or abroad up to the present day. In conclusion, every effort has been made to direct future research on the basis of the foregoing.

Reprint of a paper published in Industries Atomiques - no. On rappelle ensuite quelques generalites sur l'oxydation seche des metaux et alliages, notamment en ce qui concerne les phenomenes de diffusion et leurs divers mecanismes possibles ainsi que les methodes d'etude. Enfin, le comportement des principaux materiaux nucleaires chauffes dans les divers gaz est etudie successivement.

On traita ainsi des materiaux combustibles uranium metallique, oxyde, carbures et siliciures d'uranium , des materiaux de gainage magnesium, aluminium, zirconium, beryllium, aciers inoxydables et refractaires , des materiaux de structure aciers ordinaires.

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Contribution to the Study of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Ferromagnets; Contribution a l'etude de la resonance nucleaire dans les corps ferromagnetiques. Robert, C. Properties of nuclear magnetic resonance in the field acting on the nucleus in a ferromagnet were studied. Static properties of resonance frequency, line-width, dipolar structure were investigated and compared with magnetic behavior and magnetic structure of the materials. Relaxation in garnet points out importance of long range fluctuations induced by impurities in a ferromagnetic lattice.

Les proprietes statiques de la resonance frequence de resonance, largeur de la raie, structures dues a l'interaction dipolaire ont ete etudiees et reliees aux caracteristiques magnetiques et a la structure de ces corps. La relaxation dans le grenat a mis en evidence les fluctuations a longue distance induites par des impuretes dans un reseau ferromagnetique. Spectrographic determination of lithium in nuclear grade calcium; Determination spectrographique du lithium dans le calcium nucleaire. A method is described for the spectrographic determination of lithium in calcium. A method of fractional distillation in the arc, using KCl as carrier, makes it possible to detect and measure the Li content to 0,1 ppm.

Une methode de distillation fractionnee dans l'arc utilisant KCl comme entraineur permet la detection et le dosage de teneurs de Li jusqu'a 0,1 ppm. Some fundamental aspects of boiling in nuclear reactors; Quelques aspects fondamentaux de l'ebullition dans les reacteurs nucleaires. The burn-out flux following uniform 'stopped' heating has been studied in a channel containing still water. The flux shows a maximum as a function of unsaturation.

The influence of the geometry and the nature of the metal was investigated. Using a low pressure 8 atm loop, the influence of various parameters on the periods of output oscillations in a boiling channel on the thresholds at which they appear, was studied. Some new aspects of this complex phenomena were observed and are reported.

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  • medecine nucleaire dans: Topics by atabhancardra.ml;
  • On a denombre les populations de germes sites generateurs de bulles et obtenu une correlation donnant leur nombre par unite de surface en fonction du flux thermique et de la pression. On a mis en evidence trois types de bulles: Par visualisation en strioscopie on observe les mouvements du film thermique associes a l'amorcage des germes, au depart et a la condensation des bulles; les mecanismes responsables de l'excellent transfert de chaleur ont pu ainsi etre precises.

    On a etabli un modele de variation continue du taux de vide dans un canal. Description of methods for making activation detectors for use in nuclear reactors; Description des procedes de fabrication des detecteurs d'activation utilises dans les reacteurs nucleaires. A brief description of methods currently used for making activation detectors, thin films and various deposits used in nuclear reactors.

    The thicknesses required vary from about a few tenths of a micron to a few tenths of a millimeter. Different techniques are used for fixing the large variety of elements: La gamme des epaisseurs necessaires s'etendant approximativement des dixiemes de micrometre aux dixiemes de millimetre. La diversite des elements a fixer justifiant les techniques differentes selon les cas: Thermal energy of nuclear origin produced in non-fissile materials ; Energie calorifique d'origine nucleaire degagee dans les materiaux non fissiles A first part is devoted to the description of the interaction phenomena between elementary particles and material that may be observed during the irradiation process in a nuclear reactor: In a second part the phenomena producing calorific energy in irradiated material are quantitatively examined.

    In the third part results are summed up in a formulary. The fourth part presents tables and figures giving to the reader all the numerical values necessary for practical calculations.